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TWENTIETH BIRTHDAY SHENANIGANS WERE ACCOMPLISHED YESTERDAY. I am two decades old and just got home like a half hour ago. It was funtimes! Although we missed seeing Everclear, because we got there lateish and they played the shortest goddamn set ever.

Dakota Park apartment buildings are niiiice. They're fucking SPOILED over there, they have a 24/7 open pool! mmmswimming. I am supposed to go to the lake today but I don't know if I will, I'm really tired and cannot tolerate excessively bright sunlight, even if I actually enjoy tanning.
MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE, NATHAN <3 Jeri made this icon. It is wonderful, and she RPs him wonderfully, and Musey does a WONDERFUL JOB with Peter and aaaa yes yay. THK makes my life, also, and today is Beatrice finding! ...which I see Dele just kicked off! Hooray.

Anyway. Yeah. Nathan WILL NOT FUCK IT UP I promise. ...what, I RP his kid, I'm biased.



Oh god Hell, Wisconsin has eaten my braaaaanes, but it is wonderful. I'm so fucking proud of the people who are playing, y'all, the writing is SO GOOD.


I'm exhausted...and working...and trying to maybe start stripping instead of escorting regularly again, because I have been asked to do that, with a few provisions. WE SHALL SEE. Hopefully it works out. But things are okay! It's so pretty out here, and soon? SOON? There will be summer, which means swimming and bikinis and tanning oil and popsicles and the beach.



Do not adjust your internet vision! This is still Kay (aka sozekayser) still; I've just changed my LJ name, because I am a dork and like Babylonian lore a lot.

but it is a job it pays a lot

hoo boy. I LOVED being in New York, and could easily see myself living there, but if I go back it will not be in a work capacity. I don't understand girls who can do the live-in thing. They're just more patient than I am, I guess.

dramaaaaaa. ILU ALL though. if you are on my flist, yes that means you.

Might be picking up a new dear_multiverse character! We shall see.



So...4:30 AM conversations about how I practice for pole tricks lead to this, from Dele:

She is win and lulz.


I'm going to New York for a few days over Easter! The flight is apparently at five-thirty in the morning, so I...don't think I'll sleep the night before. I'm really excited, and not just for shopping. Really. Although I definitely do want to hit up H&M, because I have heard it is pretty much the best store in the world, and relatively inexpensive compared to how high my tastes can run sometimes. If there's an American Apparel there (wtfever, it's New York, I'm sure there is) I'll go there, too. When I come back I will be full of stories, probably. Bar brawls and milkshakes and vandalism, perhaps!

New default, not of my making! :D According to Flip she smiles like me, which...lolz, ego. Also, I heart Amy Winehouse. Not just the single on VH1, either, although that's what I'm listening to right now (also, her tattoos are hot). Things are...better. Not perfect, but better. New things, new scenes, those kind of keep my mind off what isn't better, so it's working out okay.

Dinner-call tomorrow night. I'm not entirely looking forward to it, but it won't be all night long, so that's okay. :D


[Kaydele] I have the worst timing ever
[Kaydele] Me: :V The housecleaners were supposed to be here at noon...it is 1:30! Perhaps this means I have time to go downstairs and get soda, in my underwear and tank top.
[Kaydele] Housecleaners: *arrive as soon as I am downstairs*
[Kaydele] Me: ...BYE I'M GOING UPSTAIRS *flee*
[Kaydele] it wouldn't have been so bad if I were wearing boycuts
[Kaydele] but no, I'm in a thong.
[Jerilynn] ....HAHAHA
[Jerilynn] HELLO
[Kaydele] ordinarily I charge people at least five bucks for that


whaaaat the titfucking CHRIST

Hahah uh I was GOING to go to bed before five AM, really and truly, but...I smelled gasoline! And then I went downstairs and looked and HAY, gas leak (no, not an euphemism for Silent Hill taking over my house). So I just spent the past half hour talking to the fire department. It's all okay, they turned off the gas, and the heat, buuuut I am a little annoyed, because my tinycat hid when I was gathering the aminals to go sit in the garage and wait. >:| If something happened, that would've been BAD. She is dumb.

Also my adrenaline levels are ridiculously high right now. I wasn't even cold outside. Heating utility-types are supposed to show up in a half hour.

I'm neeever going to sleep, am I. o_________o

It still smells like gas in here, which makes me sort of sick to my stomach. :| I keep thinking "what if they're WRONG and we're going to asprode I don't wanna asprode aaaa" because I am paranoid. UTILITY PEOPLE HURRY YOUR ASSES UP. USE TELEPORTATION PLS.